Friday, February 18, 2011

First Post- It's all happening folks!

Our trip in 2 weeks time will take us to Dubai, Venice, Florence, Rome  and towns between.
Also to Istanbul, London and Hong Kong.

It will be a full and exciting month away.
I hope to share some photos and travel stories here on my new travel blog.

I will link this blog with my other blog Jenni's beads .
I hope you will come and share some of my experiences with me, (us really, my husband IS coming!)

See you soon,


Gardanne said...

Have fun on all your travels you lucky girl. I hope a lot of traveling is in my future, need to get a teen off to college first. Thanks for listing my blog on your blog list.

Jenni C said...

Hi Anne, thank you for stopping by.I hope to be posting lots of lovely travel and bead related photos soon, not long before we leave now! We also had to wait until education expenses had finished, your turn will come one day.

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