Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Doors and door knobs, Florence


1. This first photo is a church, re-built in the 17th Century. It was formerly the headquarters of the Ciompi or wool-carders.
At the two sides of the 16th Century doorway with it's broken pediment, you can still see carved in stone the carding comb and the rack, the insignia of the corporation.
At one time filled with works of art, the church was later closed to the public and turned into a workshop.

2. A very unusual iron handle.

3. This door bell is recessed in what looks like a miniature marble bath. To ring the bell, you pull out the button in the centre which is attached to a string.

There are just so many interesting doors and door knobs in Florence.
Even the plainer ones are beautiful to me.
All the doors are massive, I guess a smaller one would look rather lost on these impressive and tall apartment blocks. ( most in this street are 3 stories high)


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