Friday, March 11, 2011

Another day in Venice

While my husband purchased tickets to Florence, I went to see the glass exhibition at the Palazzo Franchetti, located straight across the Grand Canal from our hotel.
This wonderful exhibition is by Lino Tagliapietra, a maestro from Murano who has worked with glass for over 60 years.

The rooms in the palazzo were of ball-room proportion and complete with intricate parquetry floors and mammoth Murano chandeliers.
I was so overwhelmed with the beauty around me I started to cry!

1. Palazzo Franchetti
2. A piece by Lino
3. We also purchased some pendant drops for our kitchen today! Amber with blue and aqua murrini.

Cheers from Venice,



Georgie Field said...

Thats so cool you cried! I read a long time ago about a condition brought on by too much beauty. They said it caused women to faint. Like a neural overload. I will try to find info on it.

Georgie Field said...

You gotta read this...
Its great. Affects tourists mostly lol

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