Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hong Kong

Hello dear readers,

We are now back in Melbourne, however I thought I would  post a few more times and complete the story of "our trip".
We arrived in Hong Kong after a flight of 12 hours duration from London.
Our hotel was the Marco Polo, located in the area called Kowloon, which is on the mainland side of the Hong Kong harbour.
Kowloon is the tourist and entertainment area of Hong Kong city, compared to the banking and business area which is on Hong Kong island in the harbour.
Hong Kong is now "a special autonomous region" of China and no longer a colony of Great Britain.

It seemed that where we were located, shopping was the main big attraction.
Large designer stores and extensive shopping complexes with  a combination of designer outlets, jewelry  stores, ''regular" shopping and food malls, all open until 12 midnight every night, was the norm.
I found the stores expensive and quite frankly, I do not like to shop just for the sake of shopping.
I think that Hong Kong shops are probably perfect for those who love to do just that!

We spent our days there recovering a little from  the flight, and just generally browsing markets etc which I, personally, find much more my style than expensive retail stores.
We ate a lot, savouring some of the many strange and exotic dishes on offer.
We visited night markets, took a ferry to the other side and also one to the island of Macau. ( will write about that in next post)
Here are a few photos from Hong Kong.

Night time food market.

Ferry on the harbour. ( this one is actually pointing to Kowloon side)

We caught the ferry across the harbour to the main business and banking area.
On that side of Hong Kong, there is a cable car with an extremely steep incline, that we went on. This took us to the top of Victoria Peak, the highest lookout point in Hong Kong.

 A view from Victoria Peak.

Another little interesting and unusual fact ( to me, anyway) is that there are double decker trams (and buses) in the business district of Hong Kong.

Double decker tram and bus next to each other.

Anyway, folks, that's it for today, must away and get a few 'normal' housey things accomplished!

Cheers for now,



kimB said...

Hello Jenni! This particular blog post fascinates me, because my mother was born in Kowloon in 1938 and lived there for several years before moving to the Philippines. I have just a handful of photos from her life there and nothing at all of shops or neighborhoods or landscapes.

Reading your post and viewing your photos made me feel a closer connection to my mother, even though she passed away more than 17 years ago.

Thank you - kimB from Alaska

Jenni said...

Thanks Kim for dropping by and your very nice words.I am glad you liked it!

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