Monday, March 28, 2011

London Street Scenes


1. A pretty London door(yes I know I am mad about doors!)
2. 'Hodge' Doctor Johnsons's cat. Dr. Johnson compiled the first comprehensive English dictionary which was published in 1755. I am yet to figure out why the cat deserved a statue, however there it was in Gough square featured sitting on top of a dictionary.
3. A photo of a London cab! Last time I was here London cabs were plain black only. As you can see times have changed!

Cheers for now,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

London/Portobello Road.

Yesterday was our first full day in London. Not far from our hotel is Berkeley Square where you can see in the photo that Spring has come to London and the daffodils are out.
We had a walk through the garden in the mild sun-shine, the fragrance of the daffodils was delightful.
We decided to go to Portobello road market, a popular market held on a Saturday in the suburb of Notting Hill.
Our plans were thwarted some what as there was a large political rally on combined with underground train line closures! Not a good combination I tell you.
However we persevered through the crowds and did reach our destination which was FULL of tourists and locals alike all doing the same as us, browsing the stalls and trying to find a little bargain or two!
I did buy a little something, I mean , how could I not!!
I will post it on Bead Table Wednesday, or rather, it might have to be Bead Table Tuesday, as we will be on a plane on Wednesday, so might have to "cheat" a little!
There were LOTS of yummy food stalls at one end of the market, I couldn't believe the size of the paella dish , see photo.
We have discovered a wonderful little eating area near our hotel called Shepherd Market, lots of quaint restaurants and English style pubs.

That's it for today folks, a bit of a post and run, but we have lots to do and not much time!
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