Monday, March 14, 2011

A Court-yard apartment in Florence.

We arrived in Florence yesterday, the weather grey and drizzling with rain.
We walked from the railway station down bumpy, cobbled streets to find our accommodation on the via San Zanobi.
Entrance to the main house is through these magnificent doors (see photo).
We then walk through the house belonging to Daniella and Roberto and their 3 children, to our sweet and surprisingly spacious courtyard apartment.
The apartment is decorated with eclectic pieces from all over the world, as Daniella and Roberto have been serious travellers over the last 12 years.
Down the end of the street is a supamercato (supermarket) which was appreciated.
Apparently, via San Zanobi used to be the location of Michelangelo's workshop, although , unfortunately there is no sign of it today.

1. Courtyard apartment.
2. Via San Zanobi
3. Doors through to main house.
4. A painting over our bed

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