Friday, March 18, 2011


We arrived in Rome yesterday.
This morning we chose to go on a city tour to see the sights.
It was a double decker bus, a 2-day pass for E15 each and the type of bus that you can jump on/off at various stops.Not bad value.

Photo 1.
We saw The Colosseum, a "noble wreck in ruinous perfection" said Byron
It used to seat over 50,000 bloodthirsty spectators who revelled in the spectacle of gladiators fighting to the death!
Photo 2.
Ruins of the Ancient Roman Forum.
Photo 3.
The Trevi fountain.
This flamboyant rococo-style fountain was designed in 1762 by Nicolo Salvi.It's central figure is the sea-god Neptune standing astride a giant shell drawn by winged horses led by Tritons. One horse is placid, the other agitated, symbolizing calm and stormy seas.
The fountain was beautiful, but oh so crowded, however I did throw a coin in to the fountain over my left shoulder. Apparently this means I will come back!

We saw so much today and once again walked until our feet were aching, there is just so much to see! Not too sure if some things will be closed tomorrow or not.
The Sistine Chapel is CLOSED tomorrow, some type of holiday, and we leave on Sunday morning so will not be able to see it. I was SO disappointed, so here's hoping that coin works!
Cheers for now,


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